More on Breeding at Sen Yu International Holding (OTCBB: CSWG)

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 Sen Yu International Holdings, Inc. (CSWG.OB)

More on Breeding at Sen Yu International Holding (OTCBB: CSWG) 

On October 12 , 2007 , Senyu imported 628 variety of Canadian elite purebred pigs, including Duroc, Landrace, Yorkshire and its one of the kind breed—“Lacombe”, the pigs were carefully selected and supplied to Senyu by Polar Genetics Inc. The joint-venture farm has been fully supported by the experts of Polar Genetics Inc. and under the guidance of the Canadian Center for Swine Improvement (CCSI). All breeding and selection data are tested and evaluated by CCSI through E-Farm software to ensure various  production performance of the breeding swine.  With this support directly from CCSI, the farm is able to breed pigs at the same pace and the same standard as CCSI.

Under the guidance of the CCSI breeding experts, the Sen Yu International Holding has successfully bred its own brand “Senyu” pig, which is a well recognized in most major markets in China.



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