HotCloud Mobile, Inc. (OTCBB: HOTM) – Evolving as a Recognized as a Key Player in the Wireless Communications Industry

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The HotCloud Mobile, Inc. (OTCBB: HOTM) is proud to be in an Industry where endless opportunities are met and non-stop growth is achieved on a daily basis. The company is a proud player in an industry that generate an average of $250,000,000 in wireless sales daily; 1.3 billion wireless handsets being sold globally each year; more than 25 billion apps expected to be downloaded by 2015; accessories marketplace at $26.5 billion and expected to double by 2015; 4.5 billion wireless existing connections; 3.5 billion mobile data connections; wireless phone insurance market estimated at $6 billion annually; and mobile devices and PDAs outnumber PCs globally

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HotCloud Mobile, Inc. is a leading supplier of wireless products and services designed to enhance the wireless experience. HotCloud offers the latest products on its website, including handsets, unlocked phones, specialty accessories, as well as phone insurance and exclusive mobile applications and content from its in-house design team. From music and ring tones to the latest mobile apps for business or pleasure, HotCloud is the premier destination for mobile products, content and subscription services.

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