StockGuru Spotlight August 16, 2011: RYUN Up As Much As 259%; VYCO Up As Much As 88%; OMAG Up As Much As 147%

StockGuru Spotlight  August 16, 2011: RYUN Up As Much As 259%; VYCO Up As Much As 88%; OMAG Up As Much As 147%

StockGuru Spotlight

August 16, 2011


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These Spotlights have made tremendous moves. As you can see, StockGuru brings you the very stocks you want on your radar, in your portfolio and to trade.  These are June stunners.

StockGuru Spotlight Date Spotlight Price Symbol High Up As Much As Market Cap
June 13, 2011  $    0.69 RYUN  $    2.48 259% 27.38M
June 13, 2011  $    0.51 PSMH  $    0.90 76% 12.19M
June 2, 2011  $    0.026 VYCO  $    0.049 88% 30.39M
June 2, 2011  $    0.52 TLLE  $    0.63 21% 30.71M
June 1, 2011  $    1.84 OMAG  $    4.55 147% 57.77M
June 1, 2011  $    2.75 BNET  $     3.49 27% 44.56M

Omagine, Inc. (OTCBB:OMAG) (OTCQB: OMAG) announced May 31, 2011, that Omagine, Inc. (the “Company”) and three other investors (the “New Shareholders”) have signed a shareholder agreement with respect to Omagine LLC (the “Shareholder Agreement”). Prior to the signing of the Shareholder Agreement Omagine LLC was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. Omagine LLC was formed in the Sultanate of Oman by the Company to develop, own and operate the Omagine Project which is estimated to cost approximately $2.5 billion to develop and construct. The New Shareholders are (i) the office of Royal Court Affairs, (ii) Consolidated Contracting Company S.A. and (iii) Consolidated Contractors Co. Oman LLC. Pursuant to the Shareholder Agreement, the Company’s 100% ownership of its Omagine LLC subsidiary will be reduced to 60% and the Company and the New Shareholders will invest approximately $70 million U.S. dollars into Omagine LLC.

About the Omagine Project. The Omagine Project is planned to be developed by Omagine LLC on approximately 245 acres of beachfront land facing the Gulf of Oman just west of Oman’s capital city of Muscat and near Muscat International Airport. The Omagine Project is planned to integrate cultural, educational, entertainment and residential components, including tourism, retail, entertainment, hotels and commercial components plus approximately two thousand residences. About the office of Royal Court Affairs. The office of Royal Court Affairs is an Omani organization representing the interests of His Majesty; Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the Sultan of Oman.

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