TiVus State-of-the-Art Interactive TV

Tivus, Inc. (OTC: TIVU)- TiVus state-of-the-art Interactive TV

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Imagine all the best features of your TV, video-on-demand, and the internet delivered to you digitally.  TiVus offers a fully interactive IPTV technology offering a completely intermingling experience for hotel guest to enjoy, such as ordering room service or spa service, while turning the hotel’s entertainment system into a significant revenue center.

TiVus’ e-SmarTV is unique in the industry as the hotel guests get to enjoy the same features that they are used in their homes like Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter & so on.

TiVUS Website: http://www.tivus.com/

Profile on TiVUS: http://stockguru.com//about/tivu/

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