Tivus, Inc. (Pinksheets: TIVU)

Tivus, Inc. (OTC: TIVU) is a technology entertainment services company providing Internet-based TV and Cable programming, interactive game content, and goods and services to the hotel and hospitality industry.

Upon completion of the Company’s audit this quarter, Tivus, Inc. intends to file for up-listing.

Tivus Strong Q2 Outlook

  • To-date, the company has entered into agreements for 2,500 hotel rooms with more than 300 rooms installed during the first quarter.
  • The Company has announced that it expects three times, or more, that number of rooms to go live during the second quarter.
  • The Company has announced that it expects to maintain their installation schedule and meet the projected late-summer completion date.
  • TiVus now has nearly 900 rooms live to create a home-like experience for hotel guests.

Revenue Example of Ad-Revenue Sharing Business Model

The company released a revenue examples of its ad-revenue sharing business model.

Using published data from the Company, a fully implemented Tivus HD IPTV COD system, generates an average of $3.50 per-day, multiplied by 365 days, equals annual gross revenues of $383,250 for every 300 rooms, or $1,277,500 for every 10000 rooms.

The company does note that most hotels do not have a 365 day occupancy rate.

Ad Revenue Sharing with Hotel

Tivus’ unique HD IPTV system is a complete hotel entertainment platform that, for the first time in the industry, generates previously untapped income for the hotel through ad revenue-sharing.

This means the hotel’s entertainment system becomes a significant new revenue source, instead of a liability.

TIVUS® IPTV unique advertising revenue-sharing concept provides ultra-modern, high-definition (HD) flat-screen televisions at no capital expenditure to the hotel (hotels can also use or purchase their own TVs), and return a net-positive share of the advertising revenue back to the hotel.

Internet protocol (“IP”)-based networks, onsite hardware & software, and/or a centralized network operations center (NOC) deliver programming and targeted advertising through proprietary hardware and software feed by satellite and/or fiber connections.

Hotels are no longer dependent on currently declining pay-per-view movie sales, because the HD IPTV entertainment system for the hotel/hospitality industry and creates a new revenue source from the hotel’s in-room televisions through ad-revenue sharing,

The ad-supported IPTV allows hotels to migrate away from legacy video-on-demand systems.

Tivus successfully completed testing of their ad-insertion technology in their lab. This represents the core of their proprietary revenue sharing model.

Video on Demand System

The Company announced the launch of its advanced, Internet-based in-room video-on-demand (VOD) system enabling hotel customers to select and control available content providing a family-friendly guest entertainment. Tivus’ HD Internet-based VOD system empowers hotel customers to perfectly tailor the entertainment content to best suit the hotel’s brand experience and their guests’ tastes and needs.

Tivus, Inc. Debuts Tivus e-SmarTV(TM) HD IPTV for the Hotel Industry

Company First-to-Market With Interactive Hotel HD IPTV Solution

Tivus e-SmarTV is the first-of-its-kind in the industry and represents a giant-leap forward. Its robust interactive capabilities enable such firsts as ad-revenue sharing opportunities, programming control, and on-the-fly hotel promotional control. The interactive Tivus e-SmarTV opens up an enormous amount of entertainment, business, and revenue generating possibilities never before available to the industry.

Tivus e-SmarTV is a technically advanced, interactive flat-panel high-definition television that connects directly into a hotel’s existing coaxial or CAT 5/6 cabling, making it the first plug-and-play TV in the industry with such an advanced level of technological integration of functionality.

“Tivus designed this attractive, first-of-its-kind interactive HD IPTV TV unit, bearing the Tivus brand name prominently on the front, as a multidimensional hotel entertainment platform with many integrated features including the set-top box, secure wireless internet, viewer accessible connections, and pure IP-based connectivity,” commented Shiva Prakash, Tivus’ chief executive officer.

In November 2010, the Company announced its HD IPTV supply agreement with European electronics giant Vestel Group, of Manisa, Turkey, through Vestel’s Master North America Distributor, CVS International Ltd. With EUR 3.7 billion in annual sales, Vestel’s European market share accounts for 21% of the total TV market, 10% of the total LCD TV market, 25% of the total digital set-top box market, and 10% of the total household appliance market.


HD IPTV COD Entertainment System Installation

A strategic partnership has been formed with Falcon IP/Complete, a proven HD IPTV engineering and systems integration solutions provider, to integrate and install Tivus’ unique-to-the-industry HD IPTV COD entertainment system.

The TiVus Solution

Tivus protects, maintains, and anonymously remembers each guest’s unique settings and preferences and are securely available at any hotel property in the world with Tivus IPTV.

Tivus runs on an integrated network and delivers guest services:

  • Shuttle scheduling
  • Messaging
  • Express checkout
  • Room service
  • Energy management
  • Valet
  • Bellman
  • Housekeeping
  • Folio review
  • Other personalized services

Guests enjoy HD services such as Free-to-Guest, premium Pay-per-Use, and Video-On-Demand Programming, a secure, high-speed, TV-based broadband internet browser, wireless internet access, gaming, together with other interactive services.

HD IPTV Generates Hotel Industry Revenue

The TiVus Solution turns a hotel’s entertainment system into a multifaceted platform in which to generate significant previously untapped revenue. TiVus inserts ads on the free-to-user TV channels through a targeted platform, thanks to content rights TiVus has exclusively secured through its partners.

It combines all the best features of television, video-on-demand, and the internet in a completely digital delivery system, capable of running over Coax or Cat5.

TiVus’ e-SmarTV is unique in the industry as the hotel guests get to enjoy the same features that they are used in their homes like Facebook, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter & so on.

Revenue Opportunities

TiVus’ system allows for both TiVus and the hotel to generate revenue through a previously untapped source: the free-to-guest channels.

Through the exclusive contracts TiVus has negotiated with their content provider, TiVus is able to insert national and local advertisements on these channels. This allows for a dramatic increase in the revenue potential from the television entertainment system, and is no longer dependent on video-on-demand sales.

Advertiser Solutions

The TiVus Solution allows advertisers an unprecedented amount of data on the guests in each hotel room. Thanks to the internet-protocol technology TiVus has in their system, they are able to track guests’ viewing habits, and gain a new insight into what their interests are. From this data, TiVus can target advertisements to guests based on those interests, ensuring a more captive audience for an advertisement.


The TiVus Solution allows a fully customizable solution for hotels, allowing them to determine what content is delivered to the guests through the free-to-guest channels.

This means that there is no requirement on the hotel to carry certain types of video-on-demand content.

In addition to the free-to-guest channel lineup, which will include all the normal cable channels guests expect, hotels will have the ability to put any content they wish onto the system. This is because the internet-protocol nature of the system allow for full customizability of the whole guest interface.

Sales and Marketing

The CEO is extensively traveling and demonstrating the Tivus’ revenue sharing business model has traveled fast. Hotel chains and properties have requested demonstrations and have a strong interest in hotel entertainment as a profit center to the world’s hospitality and gaming industries.

Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc.

Tivus’ agreement with Host Hotels to deploy its new HD IPTV systems in Host properties was announced in March of 2011.

Host Hotels & Resorts, Inc., an S&P 500 and Fortune 500 company, is the largest lodging real estate investment trust (REIT) and one of the largest owners of luxury and upper-upscale hotels.

Host currently owns 104 properties in the United States and nine international properties totaling approximately 62,000 rooms. Host partners with premium brands such as Marriott(R), Ritz-Carlton(R), Westin(R), Sheraton(R), W(R), St. Regis(R), The Luxury Collection(R), Hyatt(R), Fairmont(R), Four Seasons(R), Hilton(R), Accor(R), Swissotel(R) and Le Meridien(R) in the operation of properties in over 50 major markets worldwide.

Within 10 days of the Host Hotel agreement, the Company announced an HD IPTV COD system installation was underway in a downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1408 room Host hotel property.

Tivus ad-supported, revenue-sharing business model capitalizes on new, fully interactive IPTV technology offering a completely interact experience for the guest, such as ordering room or spa services, while turning the hotel’s entertainment system into a significant revenue center.

Doubletree(R) Hotel & Executive Meeting Center Downtown Project in Omaha, Nebraska

Tivus also commenced with the Doubletree(R) Hotel & Executive Meeting Center Downtown project in Omaha, Nebraska.

Upon receipt of more than $300,000 from the Doubletree recently, the company ordered approximately 450 Tivus-brand HD IP-based televisions with integrated set-top boxes.

Tivus Management Team

Chief Executive Officer:

Mr. Shiva Prakash – A programming industry veteran who has served IBM and others developing unique concepts for distributing content and generating revenue from ecommerce platforms.

Chief Technology Officer:

Mr. Randall Francis – In the mid-1980s Mr. Francis designed, manufactured, and installed groundbreaking technologies to provide integrated hotel guestroom controls for lighting, air-conditioning, and guestroom access in high-end Japanese hotel properties. During the 1990s, through his company CVS Interactive Ltd, Mr. Francis successfully managed the first deployment of On-Demand video platforms to Hyatt, Sheraton, Regent, and other hotel properties in the Asia Pacific Rim for a major American Video-On-Demand franchise.

Contact Information:

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Tivus, Inc.

15418 Weir Street, Suite 108
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Telephone: 402-953-5322
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Website: www.tivus.com

For more information, please visit:
www.tivus.com and
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Forward Looking Statement: Comments are based on current management expectations, and are considered “forward-looking statements,” generally preceded by words such as “plans,” “expects,” “believes,” “anticipates,” or “intends.” Tivus does not and cannot promise future returns. Statements reflect the best judgment of Tivus at the time they are issued, and the Company disclaims any obligation to update forward-looking statements as the result of new information or future events. The Company urges investors to review the risks and uncertainties within its filings with the OTC Markets and/or Securities and Exchange Commission.


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