Penny Stocks News: Facebook Drives SecondMarket Broking $1 Billion Private Shares

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The cover of the June 2011 issue of Bloomberg Markets magazine shows a photo of Barry Silbert, chief executive officer and founder of SecondMarket Holdings Inc., standing in the company’s office in New York. Photographer: Brad Trent/Bloomberg Markets via Bloomberg

Barry Silbert was born to trade.

By age 10, he was swapping baseball cards at collectors
conventions. At 15, he plowed his savings into shares of
Chromatics Color Sciences International Inc. — a penny stock
that lost him $2,000. And as a 25-year-old banker for the
creditors of Enron Corp., Silbert traveled the globe after the
firm’s 2001 bankruptcy, flogging Enron assets, including fiber-
optic cable and Bolivian pipelines.

Penny Stocks are stocks traded for under $2 and they represent the small cap companies. They trade on the OTCBB so you will not find them on the major stock exchanges. They are very cheap stocks and normally come for businesses needing capital. They are a very risky investment as the business can go under and leave you with a stock worth nothing. However that being said penny stock trading can be a great money maker, and there are numerous traders who make 6 figures and more from them each year.

The best reasons to trade in penny stocks are the fact that they do not require a large initial investment, meaning that they are an affordable investment for many. Penny stocks are cheap. For example if you were to buy 1000 shares in a company with shares at 10 cents, you would only require an investment of $100, whereas if the shares cost $5 you would require an investment of $5000. Penny stocks also have the potential of huge gains, and have been known to rise as much as 1000% daily. Therefore your $100 investment can be worth $1000. This is very unlikely to happen to other stocks from large cap businesses.

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