Brekford Corp. (OTCQB: BFDI) They Do It All: Selling Equipment, Installing Equipment and Now Collecting Fines from Automated Traffic Enforcement

Brekford Corp. (OTCQB: BFDI) They Do It All:  Selling Equipment, Installing Equipment and Now Collecting Fines from Automated Traffic Enforcement

Brekford Corp. (OTCQB: BFDI)

Brekford has the winning combination you look for in an emerging company — which is good for revenue and great for shareholders.

Brekford Corp. is an established company which has for more than a decade provided its products and services to branches of the U.S. military, various federal entities and numerous security and public safety agencies throughout the United States.  The Company took this solid foundation, their relationships in the law enforcement industry, some accumulated cash and jumped full force into Automated Traffic Enforcement.  They absolutely great result is not only are they generating revenue from product sales and installation, but Brekford has come out of these relationships with an ongoing revenue stream.

This is what happens when you are at the right place at the right time with a solid foundation:  the Company is in a TRUSTED position to garner ongoing business.

Fresh ONGOING Revenue Stream

Brekford’s automated photo enforcement program was implemented during December 2010. A fresh stream of revenues has been created from this newly introduced program.

Brekford has been awarded automatic traffic enforcement contracts by several municipalities during the past several months and the implementation of these contracts is anticipated to bring added revenues and profitability to the Company beginning this quarter.

The technical advantage and reputable customer service that Brekford possesses is anticipated to be the foundation required to position the BFDI to compete with the leaders of the automatic traffic enforcement services within a relatively short time.

Brekford Has Got This Covered: Photo Enforcement solutions can reduce collisions, injuries and deaths by providing a useful tool for municipalities and law enforcement agencies – without unduly taxing drivers who do not break the law. Today, nearly 450 communities across the US operate red light or speed camera enforcement programs.

Automated Traffic Enforcement and Automatic Traffic Safety Solutions

The Company has been able to build upon its ten years of established relationships to be the One-Stop solution in the ‘hot’ technological focus of Automated Traffic Enforcement and Automatic Traffic Safety Solutions. As municipalities search for additional revenue streams, Brekford’s Automated Traffic Enforcement and Automatic Traffic Safety Solutions presents an attractive opportunity amongst its multiple products.

Automated Traffic Enforcement
Photo Red Light and Speed Enforcement

Brekford’s Automated Traffic Enforcement Group (ATEG) offers intersection safety (red light), photo speed, work zone and school bus enforcement programs with a complete suite of program support solutions.

The Brekford Systems:

  • Turn-key packages.
  • Provided with COPS2000® violations processing system.
  • Non-intrusive laser or RADAR based detection systems require no road cutting.
  • Proven red light and speed camera solutions.
  • Most customizable solutions in the industry.

One Stop “Ready to Roll” Automated Traffic Enforcement Solutions Provider

Brekford delivers a one-stop shop. Brekford ‘does it all’ from Automatic Traffic Safety Solutions to providing cutting edge technology to vehicle upfitting and installation services.

Brekford has been providing public safety agencies with all their vehicle needs for over a decade. The Brekford 360º approach means everything required for complete vehicle upfitting is included supported by the very best mobile data and technology solutions. The 360º approach means this is the one stop to have vehicles “ready to roll” with top quality, fast and reliable service.

Good for Municipalities – Good for Brekford – Good for Shareholders

In return for a percentage of revenue collected, Brekford delivers a full Turn Key System to government entities which delivers a beginning to end traffic enforcement program.

The installation of the cameras which enforce traffic is just step one in Brekford’s revenue stream. With enforcement solutions for BOTH speeding and redlight compliance Brekford delivers the back-end software and personnel that identify the vehicle and its driver through DMV information, they prepare and mail the ticket and collect the fine. Brekford’s fee represents a percentage of the amount collected. At month’s end Brekford submits to the governmental entity their percentage of the amount collected through the Brekford automated process. To support the growth Brekford has experienced in this area a new back office support for automated traffic programs opened a new back office processing and data center.

Rugged IT Products and Services for Public Safety

Law enforcement agency, fire department and EMS personnel have unique requirements for fleet vehicle upfitting and IT equipment to include characteristics such as ruggedness and reliability. The equipment must be able to work in extreme environments that include high levels of vibration and shock, wide temperature ranges, varying humidity, electromagnetic interference and voltage and current transients.

The Brekford rugged and non-rugged IT products and mobile data communication systems provide public safety workers with the unique functionalities necessary to enable effective response to emergency situations.

The “one-stop shop” for vehicle upfitting, cutting edge technology, and installation services provides a strong competitor advantage. Customers are able to purchase law enforcement vehicles that are not only upfitted with the traditional lights and sirens but also with rugged IT hardware and communication equipment.

Brekford Effectively Builds on Decade Long Relationships with Law Enforcement IT Focus


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