StockGuru Spotlight Recent March Highlights with More Spring Potential: TPIV Up As Much As 106%; CWET Up As Much As 68%; PLPE Up As Much As 28% and More

StockGuru Spotlight Recent March Highlights with More Spring Potential:  TPIV Up As Much As 106%; CWET Up As Much As 68%; PLPE Up As Much As 28% and More

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April 25, 2011

Dear Members:

These Spotlights have made tremendous moves.  Today we bring you a broad range of companies from our March picks to put on your radar.  Each of these Companies has great potential.  If you already have made some money here, congratulations.

Check out the StockGuru Spotlight potential. While we know you can never catch the absolute high or the absolute low, these Companies represent the StockGuru Spotlight potential.

StockGuru Spotlight Spotlight Price Symbol High Up As Much As Market Cap
March 2, 2011 $ 0.17 TPIV $ 0.35 106% $12.08M
March 3, 2011 $ 0.19 CWET $ 0.32 68% $96.35M
March 8, 2011 $ 0.75 PLPE $ 0.96 28% $32.54M
March 7, 2011 $ 0.97 PHPG $ 1.23 27% $13.09M
March 2, 2011 $ 1.02 WMTM $ 1.17 15% $58.73M

White Mountain Titanium Corporation (OTCBB: WMTM) Relentless Upward Movement

White Mountain Titanium Corporation (OTCBB: WMTM) has made steady progress in its titanium metal mining concession.  Put this Company on your StockGuru radar and watch for ongoing news here.

The Company holds mining concessions on the Cerro Blanco property currently consisting of 33 registered mining exploitation concessions and five mining exploration concessions in the process of being constituted, over approximately 8,225 hectares located approximately 39 kilometres west of the City of Vallenar in the Atacama, or Region III, geographic region of northern Chile. The Company’s principal objectives are to advance the Cerro Blanco project towards a final engineering feasibility, and to secure off-take contracts for the planned rutile concentrate output. It would be the intention to sell the rutile concentrate to titanium metal and pigment producers. Work also continues to investigate the commercial viability of producing a feldspar co-product. The feldspar could find applications in the glass and ceramics industries.

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