Brekford Corp. (OTCBB: BFDI) Bottomline – Automatic Traffic Enforcement Huge Growth Industry and BFDI Is Well Established with a Solid Financial Base for Growth

Brekford Corp. (OTCBB: BFDI) Bottomline – Automatic Traffic Enforcement Huge Growth Industry and BFDI Is Well Established with a Solid Financial Base for Growth

Brekford Corp. (OTCBB: BFDI)

StockGuru brings your news of companies — and often our companies are THE harbinger of the future, a future that will directly impact your life.

BFDI is one of those companies.  This is the future, for all of us, and as much as we despise tickets, as much as we want to hurry to our destination and cruise on through that yellow light turning to red, we will not take that chance if we know a camera will catch us in the act and the cost will be close to $200.00.  But the bottom line here, is that in reality, this is good for all of us, it saves lives. Ultimately,  that could be your life or the life of someone you love.

Automatic Traffic Enforcement represents the new American world of the next decade.

Brekford has a solid financial foundation, and for good reason.  They sell and service a product which is in demand and represents revenue for municipalities, efficiencies for law enforcement and saves lives.  BFDI clearly understands how to compete, and what it means to have an ongoing revenue stream.

For the year ended December 31, 2010, the Company reported net sales totaling approximately $11.6 million. The Company’s cash position as of the end of 2010 remains positive at $1.5 million with a gross profit for 2010 of $1.9 million.

Brekford has been awarded automatic traffic enforcement contracts by several municipalities during the past several months and the implementation of these contracts is anticipated to bring added revenues and profitability to the Company beginning this quarter.

Here is the cold harsh personal reality and the good news for BFDI, automatic traffic enforcement represents a growing business and fundamentally we all understand this.

Is your state on this list?

Red Light Automatic Traffic Enforcement Laws

  • Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, DC, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington

Speed Automatic Traffic Enforcement Laws

  • Arizona, Colorado, DC, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Washington

Photo Enforcement solutions can reduce collisions, injuries and deaths by providing a useful tool for municipalities and law enforcement agencies – without unduly taxing drivers who do not break the law. Today, nearly 450 communities across the US operate red light or speed camera enforcement programs.

Brekford Systems Detect, Identify and Ticket Violators

Automatic traffic enforcement systems are one of a wide range of measures that are effective at reducing vehicle speeds and crashes.

The automated speed enforcement (ASE) system is an enforcement technique with one or more motor vehicle sensors producing recorded images of motor vehicles traveling at speeds above a defined threshold. Images captured by the ASE system are processed and reviewed in an office environment and violation notices are mailed to the registered owner of the identified vehicle. ASE is a method of traffic speed enforcement that is used to detect speeding violations and record identifying information about the vehicle and/or driver.

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