StockGuru Spotlights February 24, 2010 – Rocket Territory: HYSR – Up as Much as 71% – SELR Moving on Joint Venture Up as Much as 106% – TSNI Up As Much as 227% with Product Development

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February 24, 2011

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Today we look at recent StockGuru Spotlight Winners.  Take a good look at HYSR – it gets our special “ON FIRE” designation.  This Company looks unstoppable right now up at 71% with potentially more upside.  StockGuru delivers. Sentry Petroleum Limited (OTCBB: SPLM) is in a relentless upward climb, while up only 21%, this slow and steady winner is a Company to watch.

TechniScan (OTCBB: TSNI) Up 227% Since StockGuru Spotlight is a medical device Company.

  • Engaged in the development and commercialization of an automated 3D breast ultrasound imaging system
  • Product Development Agreement with Austin, Texas based Womens3D, Inc. worth a minimum of $1.5 million
  • TechniScan and Womens3D will co-develop technology specifically for Womens3D’s proposed target market that is directed toward women’s health practices

Steele Resources Corporation (OTCBB: SELR) Up 106% Since Stock Guru Spotlight is a precious metals exploration and development company and is working to become an active gold producer through exploration, acquisitions, mergers, and by developing its existing portfolio of properties.

  • Recently entered into a material definitive agreement to acquire 50% of the Mineral Hill Gold Exploration Project
  • The project is located near Pony Hill, Montana in the Mineral Hill Mining District and consists of 17 patented and 67 unpatented lode mining claims (approximately 1,800 acres)
  • The agreement is a 50/50 Joint Venture under which two companies will work together to explore and operate the claims


HyperSolar, Inc. (OTCBB: HYSR) Up 71% Since Stock Guru Spotlight is a developer of a breakthrough technology that magnifies the power of the sun to significantly increase the power output of solar cells.

  • The Company recently announced that it has successfully completed a prototype design of its innovative thin solar concentrator
  • The Stock has rocketed since that announcement
  • The Company has a prototype design that is believed can be refined into a commercial product
  • This initial prototype is designed to provide 300% light magnification, the Company is aiming  for at least 400% in the final commercial product

These Companies continue to be in a strong upswing. Take a close look at OUR SPOTLIGHTS!

StockGuru Spotlight Winners

Stock Guru Pick Date Stock Guru Pick Pick Price High Since Pick Date Up As Much As
January 19, 2011 TSNI $       0.22 $       0.72 227%
January 26, 2011 SELR $       0.0339 $       0.07 106%
February 16, 2011 HYSR $       0.14 $       0.24 71%
January 12, 2011 HYSR $ 2.80 $ 3.38 21%
January 27, 2011 GUNP $       0.75 $       1.00 33%
January 14, 2011 VPWI $       0.49 $       0.68 39%

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