Many Spotlight Show New Highs on Friday: SKPI 100% – ROHI 67% – CECX 49% – TURV 44%

StockGuru Spotlight September 7, 2010


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We bring you eight movers which represent incredible upward moves last Friday.  KCKC has been a StockGuru Spotlight pick for five trading days and is up as much as 19% since the Spotlight.  This is an important stock to watch this week.

New Highs Made Friday Since StockGuru Spotlight:

  • SKPI  up 100% on Friday with a current market cap of $35.28M
  • ROHI  up 67% on Friday with a current market cap of $33.26M
  • CECX up 49% on Friday with a current market cap of $69.42M
  • TURV  up 44% on Friday with a current market cap of $19.67M
  • BHWX up 28% on Friday with a current market cap of $19.36M
  • AMKT up 25% on Friday with a current market cap of $6.44M
  • XTGR  up 20% on Friday with a current market cap of $50.01M
  • KCKC up 19% on Friday with a current market cap of $126.23M

KCKC Up 19% in 5 Trading Days – What Next?

KCKC StockGuru Press Release KCKC StockGuru Announcement

The Company recorded an immediate increase in the number of licenses requested and issued each day expects that number to continue to rise daily.”KACHING KACHING, Inc. recently announced accelerated growth in the number of licenses issued for proprietary online webstores. KACHING KACHING, Inc. is the first retail chain of online stores serving consumers on the Internet. It licenses co-branded proprietary online storefronts that can be operated by Independent Store Owners full or part- time with exponential viral growth. Each online storefront will offer millions of items and thousands of name brand products to sell at everyday low prices.

AFLB Up As Much As 40%
with a High On Friday of $1.23

AFLB StockGuru Press Release AFLB StockGuru Announcement

A5 Laboratories Inc. (A5 Labs) (OTCBB: AFLB)  announced on August 31, 2010, that the CRO team headed by Dr. Matni has completed the validation of the first set of equipment that will be used for the testing of pharmaceutical raw materials and finished products. The company expects to complete the validation of the all remaining CRO equipment by the end of September 2010. Consequently the company plans to finalize its CRO testing and analytical standard operating procedures (SOPs) in October 2010

BHWX Up 28% Since August 31, 2010

BHWX StockGuru Press Release BHWX StockGuru Announcement

Black Hawk is a diversified metals and energy exploration company with its current focus on gold and silver discovery through its Dun Glen holdings. Black Hawk is committed to an aggressive program of value added property acquisition, project generation, asset diversity and building shareholder value. On August 31, 2010, the Company announced that seven auger holes were completed to sample and evaluate two dumps, in the Monroe area of the Dun Glen Project, Pershing County Nevada.

XTGR Up As Much As 20%

XTGR StockGuru Press Release XTGR StockGuru Announcement

Xtra-Gold Resources Corp. is a Canadian based gold exploration company with properties located in Ghana, West Africa.

Today’s Spotlights Highlights – Yellow Highlight Represent Highs on Friday

Pick Date Pick Price Stock High Up As Much As Market Cap
Aug 9 $ 0.17 FMTI $ 0.51 200% 2.29M
Jul 8 $ 0.24 TAMO $ 0.64 167% 32.31M
Jul 9 $ 0.08 PTSC $ 0.21 163% 49.03M
Jun 16 $ 0.19 WNDT $ 0.43 126% 28.73M
Jul 29 $ 1.11 DAFX $ 2.30 107% 105.95M
Jun 25 $ 0.32 SKPI $ 0.64 100% 35.28M
Jul 1 $ 0.35 LBRG $ 0.70 100% 72.45M
Jul 29 $ 0.06 SMME $ 0.12 100% 5.73M
Jul 12 $ 0.05 NEON $ 0.09 80% 32.67M
Aug 23 $ 1.03 ACAR $ 1.85 80% 21.91M
Jul 2 $ 0.30 VUOC $ 0.50 67% 34.46M
Jul 13 $ 0.87 ROHI $ 1.45 67% 33.26M
Jul 20 $ 0.20 ENZR $ 0.33 65% 30.39M
Jun 25 $ 3.01 MASC $ 4.91 63% 53.17M
Jun 18 $ 1.35 WOVT $ 2.08 54% 121.08M
Aug 16 $ 2.05 CECX $ 3.05 49% 69.42M
Aug 5 $ 0.25 ASKE $ 0.36 44% 12.48M
Jun 17 $ 1.21 TURV $ 1.74 44% 19.67M
Jul 21 $ 0.88 AFLB $ 1.23 40% 47.32M
Aug 31 $ 0.25 BHWX $ 0.32 28% 19.36M
Aug 17 $ 0.40 AMKT $ 0.50 25% 6.44M
Jul 16 $ 1.22 XTGR $ 1.46 20% 50.01M
Aug 27 $ 2.14 KCKC $ 2.55 19% 126.23M

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