UHLN UP – FMTI UP 52% One Day – How Was Your Day?

UHLN UP  – FMTI UP 52% One Day – How Was Your Day?

StockGuru Round UP August 16, 2010

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Two of our StockGuru Picks have shown rapid increases today.  Trading the StockGuru way means looking at the news that moves the stocks.  That’s what we bring you: News that Moves.

FMTI is up on news of revised and increased offer.  This is looking very good.  Check it out!

Forbes Medi-Tech Inc. (OTCBB: FMTI) announced that Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc. (“Pharmachem”) has further increased its revised offer (the “Pharmachem Revised Offer”) to acquire substantially all of the assets of the Company as described in the Company’s press release dated August 9, 2010. Pharmachem has increased the purchase price under the Pharmachem Revised Offer from US$2.9 million to US$4.0 million.

Forbes Medi-Tech Inc. is a life sciences company focused on evidence-based nutritional solutions. A leader in nutraceutical technology, Forbes is a provider of value-added products and cholesterol-lowering ingredients for use in functional foods and dietary supplements. Forbes successfully developed and commercialized its Reducol(TM) plant sterol blend, which has undergone clinical trials in various matrices and has been shown to lower “LDL” cholesterol levels safely and naturally.

FMTI Up As Much As 80% in One Day

FMTI Stock Guru Press Release FMTI Stock Guru Announcement


US Highland, Inc. (OTCBB:UHLN) is a U.S. based designer and manufacturer of high performance, premium quality Motocross, Supermoto, Quad and Enduro motorcycles, that announced in early July  that the Company in conjunction with its Joint Venture partner, Millennial Research Corporations, has completed a new revolutionary hub motor (electric engine) based on its patented magnetronic technology. US Highland has the exclusive rights to utilize the engine and technology for powersports applications.  Subsequent to that announcement, the Company management was killed in a plane crash in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  UHLN has regrouped and is carrying on with its business plans.  Three US Highland executives died in the crash when they were returning from a business meeting in Pontiac, Mich.  Their twin-engine Cessna went down just after 10 p.m. about 1/2 mile short of the runway at Tulsa International Airport.

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Pick Date Pick Price Ticker High Up As Much As
July 8, 2010 $ 0.235 TAMO $ 0.64 63%
August 9, 2010 $ 0.17 FMTI $ 0.50 81%
July 9, 2010 $ 0.0815 PTSC $ 0.26 68%
July 22, 2010 $ 0.06 FNDM $ 0.14 56%
July 29, 2010 $ 1.11 DAFX $ 2.30 52%
July 2, 2010 $ 1.10 UHLN $ 1.90 72%
July 7, 2010 $ 0.25 SELR $ 0.50 50%
July 2, 2010 $ 0.30 VUOC $ 0.55 45%
July 16, 2010 $ 0.40 WNDM $ 0.70 43%
June 25, 2010 $ 0.32 SKPI $ 0.54 41%
July 29, 2010 $ 0.06 SMME $ 0.10 39%
July 28, 2010 $ 0.54 MBCI $ 0.87 38%
June 18, 2010 $ 1.35 WOVT $ 2.05 34%
July 27, 2010 $ 0.02 ALTO $ 0.03 33%
July 8, 2010 $ 0.05 TNXI $ 0.08 33%
July 13, 2010 $ 0.87 ROHI $ 1.30 33%
June 22, 2010 $ 0.90 CLKZ $ 1.23 27%
July 27, 2010 $ 0.48 RXAC $ 0.64 25%
July 9, 2010 $ 7.70 HFBL $ 10.00 23%
July 2, 2010 $ 1.10 UHLN $ 1.90 72%
July 12, 2010 $ 0.27 APNT $ 0.34 21%

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