Skinvisible, Inc. (OTCBB: SKVI) Strong Pipeline of Products Announced

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SKVI has a good pipeline in addition to established products and patents.

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SKVI has clearly stated what it believes its pipeline looks like.

Products in the pipeline are considered to be those which have been developed by Skinvisible in response to a variety of topical skin applications and product development opportunities identified both independently and in collaboration with established manufacturers and marketers.

These products have been successfully tested in-house to determine “proof of concept” stability, proven active agent activity and sustained release) and are currently ready to be licensed to established pharmaceutical, OTC, cosmetic or skincare manufacturers for commercialization. Regulatory approvals may be required for some products.

Remember, SKVI feels very comfortable in stating these products are in its pipeline.

Skinvisible’s Invisicare pipeline includes topical products for the following condition or use:

  • Acne
  • Topical Analgesics and First Aid
  • Anti-Aging
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Antimicrobial Hand Sanitizing Lotions
  • Dermatitis/Moisturizers
  • Skin Cancer
  • UVA /UVB Sunscreens
  • Warts
  • Other: Scar Treatment/Long-Lasting Fragrances/ Wound Care/ Pre-Surgical Treatments/ Preventative Treatments

Skinvisible, Inc. / Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
6320 S. Sandhill Road, Suite 10
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89120 U.S.A.
Phone: 702.433.7154
Fax: 702.433.7192
Phone: 801.485.7978
Fax: 801.466.6877

About Invisicare: Invisicare is Skinvisible’s patented polymer delivery system that offers life-cycle management and unique enhancements for topically delivered products. It is a combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers that hold active ingredients on the skin for extended periods of time resisting both wash off and perspiration. Invisicare can control the release of actives, reduce irritation and can eliminate some costly manufacturing processes. It is non-occlusive and allows for normal skin respiration while protecting against environmental irritants.

About Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Skinvisible is a research-and-development company that licenses its proprietary formulations made with Invisicare, its patented polymer delivery system that offers life-cycle management and unique enhancements for topically delivered products. Invisicare holds active ingredients on the skin for extended periods of time resisting both wash off and perspiration along with controlling the release of actives and reducing irritation. Skinvisible receives a combination of research and development fees, license fees, and royalties for the life of the patent. Skinvisible’s value also lies in its ability to continually generate new IP on topical products formulated with Invisicare.

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