Five Penny Stock Tips for Beginners

Five Penny Stock Tips for Beginners

I don’t speak without experience when it comes to penny stocks. While others out there may very well have some experience, there are only a few of us that have been around penny stocks as long and as successfully as I have. I always share about the same thing for beginners that want to try to learn how to successfully trade penny stocks.  I have always found it comes to these five things:


Penny Stock Tip One: If you cannot make a profit on paper before you ever start with real money, you will never profit using real money.

Was that one clear enough? If you cannot make “pretend money” trading in a practice account, you are sure to fail when it comes to real money. The funny thing is that making money on the “pretend trading sites” actually does NOT even guarantee you will make money for real. That said, if you cannot make it even in a pretend environment you are sure to fail with real money. 

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