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Trading The Guru Way

Some of the most frequent questions I get relate to how to trade on my recommendations. Even though I have what I consider to be an excellent track record at making picks, and my personal account has always reflected that I was good at knowing when to enter and exit a position… that’s not necessarily very helpful to someone looking for advice. I have created this section of the web to help you trade with greater success.

A Trading Discipline is NOT a System

What I would like for you to get out of this section is the trading discipline, not the trading system. A “system” – as mentioned elsewhere on my site – is for someone to enter into without any brain power. That’s not at all what I am suggesting. I think you need to learn trading disciplines that make these lower dollar stocks particularly profitable.

Take a 15% to 20% gain over and over, and stop looking for Ebay or Microsoft in every trade. Stop trying to get that last 3% before you exit a position, and activity look at trading activity on a stock you have a profit in. Stop panicking on stocks that are flat or down 10%. These are highly volatile issues, and you cannot win them all. You will win most of the time sights reasonable and you have the markets on your side. You will lose regardless of how well thought out your system is if the market decides the good times have come to an end … today.

Resources on our web site:

I encourage you to read my Step-By-Step guide. It is designed to teach you how I play stocks. It is the closest thing you will find on my site to a system. Also review Absolute Low. Just like in business, what you pay for something has a lot more to do with how much profit potential a transaction has rather than what you sell something for. That is so true in stocks.

I also encourage you to read the chart. Those are ways you can practically put this site to work for you. While we can never have history back, we can make new successes as we move forward.

Choose your strategies wisely. Move only when it makes sense. Don’t be afraid to dismiss one of my picks if it does not suit you. I have never believed that any one person should be playing all of them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. The info is on the CONTACT page.

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