Neonode Moves AirBar™ End-Assembly to Asia, and Scales Up the Manufacturing of zForce AIR™ Modules in Sweden.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Oct. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Neonode Inc. (NASDAQ:NEON), the Optical Interactive Sensing Technology Company, has completed the relocation of its AirBar end-assembly process to Malaysia in anticipation of high demand for AirBar, and will focus fully on making the zForce AIR sensor modules – the heart of the AirBar sensor – in Sweden.

AirBar brings displays to life, adding touch and gesture sensing to both new and existing PCs. AirBar works with Windows® and ChromeOS™ operating systems as a “Plug and Touch” solution anywhere: simply plug AirBar into the USB port and interact with the display immediately.

At the heart of every AirBar sensor lies a zForce AIR sensor module that is manufactured in a highly automated process in Sweden. The zForce AIR modules are now shipped directly to Neonode’s assembly partner Salutica Allied Solutions. At Salutica, each zForce AIR sensor module is assembled together with cosmetic parts into a final AirBar product, then packaged and shipped to Neonode’s global distribution partners.

“After extensively testing and refining the production and assembly processes for AirBar, we have now moved the end-assembly, testing and packaging to our partner Salutica. This will optimize the whole supply chain giving Neonode greater scalability and efficiency,” said Remo Behdasht, SVP AirBar Devices at Neonode Inc. “Furthermore, we are extremely excited that this month we will see AirBar in the online stores of the largest retailers in the United States.”

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