NASDAQ Private Market and Scenic Advisement in Partnership to Support End-to-End Private Placement Services to Private Companies

NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The NASDAQ Private Market, LLC and Scenic Advisement today announced an initiative to support end-to-end private placement and fulfillment services to private companies seeking access to growth capital from specialized investors.  

The partnership leverages core competencies from two of the industry’s leading platforms focused on the unique liquidity needs of private companies. NASDAQ Private Market, the leading technology provider for company controlled liquidity programs, in partnership with Scenic Advisement, will be able to facilitate a deeper level of support to private companies as they evaluate their capital needs.

Industry data shows that the average length of time before a private company pursues an initial public offering has doubled to nearly 10 years over the last decade. The partnership with Scenic Advisement addresses a growing need among NASDAQ Private Market clients: the facilitation of company-controlled liquidity for early investors and employees while effectively managing and maintaining control and quality of the investor base, as well as private company capital raises to a high quality institutional investor base.

“More than 100 private companies have utilized the NASDAQ Private Market platform since our launch in 2014 to manage their equity and facilitate company-controlled shareholder liquidity on their terms with strong levels of compliance,” said Nelson Griggs, Executive Vice President, Nasdaq and board manager, NASDAQ Private Market. “As NASDAQ Private Market’s brand has grown, private companies have sought our assistance in capital introduction. The partnership with Scenic Advisement will help fulfill our broader objective to support private companies as they grow and scale their businesses.” 


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