NJ Gas Station Owners Say 23 Cents Per Gallon Tax Hike Will Hurt Business and Jobs

TRENTON, N.J., Oct. 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the gas tax hike now stalled in Trenton, New Jersey Border State Gasoline Retailers, a group representing a fifth of the State’s gas stations and store owners along the New York and Pennsylvania borders, calls on the legislature to reduce the proposed gas tax from 23 cents per gallon to 15 cents. A 23 cent per gallon gas tax hike would hurt hundreds of businesses and employees as it greatly depresses out-of-state sales and the resulting tax revenue.

Gov. Chris Christie and the Democratic-controlled state legislature announced a deal last week to raise gas taxes to 37.5 cents a gallon from 14.5 cents. But plans to pass the hike on Wednesday were delayed when the legislature’s leadership didn’t have the three-quarters majority needed for a vote.

“Now is the time to give this 23 cent hike a closer look. We’ve analyzed the number and we’re asking legislators to look at all the business New Jersey will lose to New York and Pennsylvania when we are no longer competitive. Our 640 stations along the State border will lose about 40% of the gas and convenience store business, and the State will lose the jobs and the taxes that go with it,” said Ebbie Ashabi, a member of the New Jersey Border State Gasoline Retailers.  “We think a 15 cents per gallon hike strikes the balance that makes most sense for the economic livelihood of the State’s gasoline and convenience store industries while also replenishing the depleted Transportation Trust Fund.”

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New Jersey Border State Gasoline Retailers

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