SM Ingredients Announces Original and Innovative Soluble Fiber

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, Calif., Oct. 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In a concerted effort to enhance portfolio diversification while increasing value add to its partners, SM Ingredients (SMI), a premier distributor and marketer to the food, nutrition, animal, and beverage industries, announced Logifiber, its newest proprietary soluble fiber. The exceptional and groundbreaking Logifiber has potential to change the landscape of the ingredient industry.

“We have an evolving marketplace where product integrity consistently remains a chief concern,” said Robyn Marantette, SMI Managing Director. “To that end, Logifiber has undergone proven test methods to certify nutritional value and product competence. Such standardized tests enhance our partners’ confidence in the purity of this ingredient, which in turn ensures the integrity of their own products.”

From heat and acid stability, to lower water activity, Logifiber has superior texture, taste, and mouth-feel. In addition, lower scoring levels on the glycemic index indicates Logifiber is much less intrusive on the digestive process. These enhanced performance characteristics perpetuate Logifiber’s intended efficacy, filling the void amongst outdated options currently available.

“Among the key tenets of our corporate mission is to bring forth safe, innovative, and unparalleled ingredients within our targeted categorical market segments. Logifiber promises to be one of the first of many new breakthroughs that will become synonymous with SMI’s unique product offerings,” Marantette concluded.


SM Ingredients is a premier distributor/supplier within the food, nutrition, animal, and beverage industries. The company’s foundation is built on the principle of integrity, which is why it provides and promotes transparency throughout its supply chain. SMI’s diverse portfolio of ingredients includes prebiotic fiber based products; sweeteners; cellulose ethers; and various specialty ingredients. SMI prides itself upon strong relationships with manufacturers/suppliers, allowing the company to provide reliable, high quality ingredients at competitive price points. For more information, visit


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