Five Ways to Win When Playing Heavily Promoted Penny Stocks

Five Ways to Win When Playing Heavily Promoted Penny Stocks


Five Ways to Win When Playing Heavily Promoted Penny Stocks

2013-us-centLet me start with the correct warning that goes with understanding the very nature of heavily promoted penny stocks.  That warning is that need to make sure that you always avoid the mistakes and misunderstanding that come from penny stocks. In my post “Five Things Investors Do Wrong When Playing Penny Stock Picks” is a great start at understanding the risks and the land mines.

This post is about how to succeed. Let me throw in this snippet regarding and the companies we typically cover. While we are paid for awareness programs, we do not lead or participate in heavily promoted penny stocks. What I mean by that is we do not ever participate in campaigns that become more about the campaign and less about the true strengths of the company.  We have a strong belief that some of these campaigns becomes more of a manipulation of the market and therefore could lead to RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) charges against the organizers.

What my more than ten years in this smallcap awareness business has afforded me is a second or third row seat in watching these campaigns come into being, get executed, grow to incredible heights, only to come crashing down to near nothingness all the while seeing it with crystal clear clairvoyant vision.  Over the years I have chronicled a few of these from my lofty perch, however, I have found that the very act of chronicling these made me way too many enemies with massive financial resources that have even put hired strangers at my door with warnings in my face on two occasions.

Let’s get into these five ways to win when playing heavily promoted stocks.

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