Top Seven Technology Penny Stocks Trading on the NYSE MKT

Top Seven Technology Penny Stocks Trading on the NYSE MKT

We find that many of our traders are looking for technology stocks outside of the big name stocks we typically look when we think top tech stocks. While this list does have one “big name stock” it is not as big a name as it was decades ago.  You’ll recognize that one, as it is at the bottom of the list.  In fact, it is a bear pick on the list. This list is all from the NYSE MKT.  After each I have a few comments as to why the particular stock is included in the list.

Overall – the reason for inclusion is that we see these as six of the best technology related penny stocks on the NYSE MKT. We have stretched the word “penny” to one stock above $8, but most are below $5 as you would expect. Each of these in its in own niche, and we see an upside.  The seventh represents an opportunity on the downside to play it short.

The order of the list is somewhat “random.” I am a believer in not falling in love. While not alphabetical, I picked these as I chose these. Let’s start with number seven.


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